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Dive into the excitement with YayCoins, the in-game currency for YayMC. Earn by playing online, treat yourself to thrilling in-game ranks, perks, cosmetics and much more available on the blackmarket.

Use the /blackmarket command in-game to access the store and make your purchases.

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15,000 ⛃
4.99 USD
1.25 USD

About Us

At YayMC, we believe in delivering a unique and unforgettable Factions Experience. In a gaming world saturated with servers, we strive to be the spark that sets us apart. Our mission goes beyond mere factions; it's about creating a space where players can genuinely have a good time. We're not here for a quick profit but for the dedication, discipline, and time it takes to build something extraordinary. Join us at YayMC and be part of a gaming community that values making moments that last.

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